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In accordance with Mineworkers Provident Fund (MWPF) procurement policy, the following information must be noted by all supplies and service providers registered on the MWPF Supply Chain Portal, hereafter “Procurement Portal”:

1. MWPF will invite suppliers and service providers who meet the criteria to tender for the provision of goods or the rendering of services (closed tender).

2. For tenders:
  • MWPF shall compile all bid documentation in English.

  • Closing Time of Bids/Proposals shall close at the time and day as indicated on the request for proposal (RFP) / bid documents.

  • Properly and fully (required) completed tender documents must be submitted through the Procurement Portal.

  • Under no circumstances must the contents and price of one tender be made known to other tenderers. A breach in this regard will be subjected to an internal inquiry.

  • Successful and unsuccessful tenderers will be advised in writing of the outcome of the tenders within fourteen days of the date of the final decision being made.

  • The channel for all communication during and after the proposal/bid process shall be through the Principal Officer (PO) or the contact person as indicated on the bid document

  • 3. Any discounts granted to MWPF must be indicated.

    4. Any contract awarded on account of false information furnished by the supplier will be cancelled at the sole discretion of MWPF, without prejudice to any other remedies the MWPF may have.

    5. Suppliers must execute all contracts strictly within the delivery period as specified.

    6. Goods and materials supplied must be equivalent in all respects to the samples supplied, or as stipulated in the specifications.

    7. MWPF retains the right to cancel the contract summarily should the supplier in any way fail to comply with their commitments.

    8. MWPF reserves the right to decline supplier registrations.

    9. Suppliers will be required to confirm supplier information and provide supporting documentation on the Procurement Portal on an annual basis to ensure they are still compliant with MWPF’s policies.

    MWPF’s policy is to pay suppliers thirty (30) days from the date of a valid tax invoice. No prepayments are made by the MWPF for goods or services procured.

    All procurement transactions and interactions with MWPF’s suppliers are subject to the provisions outlined in MWPF’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.

    From time to time we may change these terms without prior notice to you. The current terms can always be found at https://supplychain.mwpf.co.za . By using this Procurement Portal after we have posted any revisions to these terms, you accept the terms as revised.

    All suppliers are required to declare their financial interests or business interests (e.g. in partnership, business, directorships, shares) with a current or previous employee of MWPF under the declaration tab declaration. Interests identified will not automatically lead to disqualification. Failure to declare could result in MWPF rescinding the contract with the supplier.